Shame always shrivels when you share it out loud. — Marie Forelo

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Impostor Syndrome is real 🙀 I know I faced it when I saw product-managers talking about metrics I didn’t understand, engineers explaining edge cases on big glossy whiteboards and my colleague designers waddling through all of these with the grace of a swan! 🦢

Working at Urban Company for the last year and a half, I’ve learned that people cherish…

How user research helped us redirect our efforts towards more fruitful results

☎️ User Calling for Gathering Opinions

We called 13 partners, asking them what problems they are facing while buying a lead, how often they run out of required credits in wallet and the proposed idea of recharging from upcoming payout.

  • 4 out of 7 pros did not like the idea. They felt that the money will be blocked for recharge only.
  • 1 said that they do not trust this will work perfectly.
  • 4 out of 6 people liked the feature but had difficulty in understanding how exactly will it work. Was it an EMI or credit line? Is that a loan?
  • Only 5 out of 13…

A short story on saving costs in times of Corona

Snapshot of the feature launched during August of 2020


During March, when India was in COVID lockdown, the economy had suffered a setback. Like most businesses, UC was not left untouched. We had to find ways to save costs. The demand took a nose-dive and our partners were facing cash-crunch.

Something had to be done for giving flexibility to partners for purchasing new leads from the platform while also finding alternatives to save business costs.


For finding affordable payment methods, we dived deeper into the partner platform. To read about our discovery and research methods used, read this story on Medium.

This was important because:

  1. The expenditure on partner…

How we built credibility in service pricing and gained 14% conversion & customer reviews

Designing for trust in high priced jobs on Urban Company

Around May-June 2020 last year, while we were still reeling under COVID effect and grappling with uncertain future, as a home-service marketplace, UC needed to win back the customers — more than ever. Customers were scared of high-contact services and on top of that, the high ticket services/repairs like AC repair pushed them further away. While we could not reduce prices owning to increased operational costs that the business was incurring, we can do our best by:

  1. Setting right expectations to reduce price-shock later when final bill is handed over
  2. Establish Urban Company as the subject matter experts when it…

How Urban Company improved customer loyalty by up-skilling its partners

Urban Company is continuously opening opportunities for its partners to up-skill themselves & earn better

Loyal customer base or the customers who buy UC subscriptions spend an average of 2.5X more than customers who do not have a subscription. There is obviously some merit in incentivising subscription selling.

I was part of the small team who went ahead with this idea of letting UC partners sell subscription to customers at the time of service delivery.

The Idea

While the growth team was figuring out ways of increasing subscription sales, the supply team thought about giving a little boost by allowing UC partners sell UC subscriptions and get rewarded.

The only problem was, our partners are service specialists…

A wise carpenter never fights with his tools

Often, internal tools are overlooked in terms of their aesthetic appeal, more so, in usability too. Think about the HR software you log in to or any of the dashboards used by the internal teams in your company. Chances are they look like straight out of Windows 98 era.

In our case, let's just say we have had enough of clunky interfaces. I had finished a project earlier and had few days idling around. That's when the team thought about doing some good karma.

The Idea

As a supply side team, we could solve…

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” — Frederick Douglass

Collecting Wisdom

1. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

"I want to be justice, love and the wrath of God all in one."

This graphic novel caught my eye when my colleagues were discussing graphic novels on Slack. Not sure what drew me to this, is it the tragedy angle? or the fact that it’s a story that’s real, about a girl whose childhood dreams are pretty similar to mine? I’m down to 4 chapters and it is going great so far.

Edit on July 14 — I'm halfway down and this is getting interesting. I love the innocence and honesty.

⚡️5-minute summary on Christopher Noessel at UX India 2020 conference

⏳ Background

What constitutes a good assistant? No, it is not your regular chatbot. An assistant is anything that helps you REFLECT.

The Bowtie Model of Assistant by Christopher

👀 An assistant helps users SEE or PERCEIVE

  • To help the users understand what they are seeing, we design to increase the signal-to-noise ratio
  • Look to extend senses, i.e. provide visual aids to help
  • Sensitive the users

🤔 An assistant helps users THINK to KNOW

  • By informing about what it is that they are seeing
  • helping in recall when there's an edge case or an infrequent event
  • helping in GROK (deeply understanding about an event)

📝 An assistant helps users THINK to PLAN

  • by visualising outcome like Photoshop's colour selection
  • compare different scenarios
  • Recommend
  • Rehearse

✅ An assistant helps users DO to PERFORM

  • By challenging them to follow best practices, rules


Is it worth your money? What exactly is it good for? Am I getting more career opportunities now? Let’s find out.

HFI Batch of July 2019

First things first, this is a course+certification course. You get a certificate on passing the exam with more than 75% grades. You can also opt to take the exam only route without the 10-day training, but from what I experienced giving the exam, it is likely very difficult if you are new to this field. Unless you know someone who has the HFI's study material that is taught in the 10 days, I would suggest doing the training.

My decision to go for the CUA exam was based on doing something productive of my time before I transitioned into my…

Shreya Saxena

From 'Aha' to 'Of Course' Moments | Designing Partner Products @urbancompany_UC

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